I’ll be honest: I was never one to have ever been a big fan of yoga, having gone with friends to a few sessions at different studios in years past. But then I met Heather and suddenly instead of being a self-conscious and awkward activity, yoga became something fun and delightful that I looked forward to each week. What makes Heather’s classes unique is 1) the way she greets everyone personally and makes them feel welcome, 2) how she starts each session with a mindfulness reading that settles the practitioner into a particular mindset, 3) her succinct and detailed description of poses and their various options so each person is able to practice at her/his personal level, 4) the array of candles that provide warm ambient lighting to complement the safe space she has created, and 5) the unconventional music selection she plays that somehow never fails to take me to a completely relaxed state of being by the end of each session. I have known Heather for a multitude of years and have seen full engagement from urban school children— kindergartners to sixth graders— in her classes. I am super delighted that Heather is (finally) opening her own business and can’t wait to see it grow!!
— Jen

In this fast paced and sometimes unsettling world we live in, attending Heather’s yoga class allows me to bring my mind, body and soul back into balance. I appreciate Heather’s kind spirit and attention to our individual needs.
— Janelle
I’ve always thought yoga wasn’t for me. I had tried a few classes over the years and nothing really clicked for me until I took a class with Heather. Heather transforms a space with lighting and music, creating a warm and welcoming space for people at all levels. I have taken her class for weeks now and have enjoyed them immensely. Heather clearly vocalizes and demonstrates moves so that a beginner will feel comfortable in her class, she shares modifications to help those starting out, offers an assortment of aromatherapy oils, and also shares more difficult poses for those who are looking for more of a challenge. Heather truly enjoys teaching yoga and it makes her class an easy one to choose!
— Anne